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Toyahvale, Texas ~ The Somewhere

Documented history states the Spanish explorer Antonio de Espejo camped at San Solomon Springs 429 years ago (August, 1582) with his expedition party of Indians, 114 horses and pack burros. San Solomon Springs are located in Toyahvale.  

In December, 1683 Juan Dominguez Mendoza led a detachment of soldiers east from El Paso down the Rio Grande then to Toyahvale from Presidio.  


During the 1930's and early 40's the 1st Calvary held war maneuvers in Toyahvale with over 3,000 horses ~



The Toyahvale Post Office was a major stage stop along the Pecos Trail.  Horses were the source of transportation for the mail carriers ~  




Big Bend Ranch State Park 

This trail also leads to Big Bend Ranch State Park - a Texas State Park under the steward of Texas Parks And Wildlife Department.  TPWD is currently eradicating targeted wildlife from the park to include, mountain lions, bobcats, longhorn cattle and specifically the wild burros.  In 2006 TPWD officials began shooting the wild burros living in the BBRSP under the guise they were a "nuisance."

While TPWD has no scientificstudies to support their claims that the wild burros and other wildlife in the BBRSP are a detriment to the land they continue to eradicated the wildlife from the park.  

Ongoing investigations into this matter continue and there are many fighting this atrocity against the wildlife of the BBRSP.  Governor Rick Perry can put a stop to this...hopefully he will listen to his constituents who are adamantly opposed to the removal of the wildlife of the Big Bend Ranch State Park.

The following is the original report on the discovery of the shooting of the Wild Burros by reporter Lisa Falkenberg with the Houston Chronicle.

 "Uproar over burro plan"


Update 2014 ~It is to my understanding TPWD is still in the process of eliminating numerous species of "Wildlife" from the Big Bend Ranch State Park to include the Wild Burros.



 “The Trail” from Toyahvale to Presidio has been traveled for hundreds of years with the aid of horses, mules and burros.  These trustworthy companions were honored and treated with the up most respect.  Today, horses, mules and burros that were respected and honored for centuries are being carried along this very same trail to a certain, horrible death!  They are hauled along this trail in cramped, hot trailers with no food or water at times for 24 to 36 hours plus, to Presidio where they are held in export holding pens until crossing into Mexico to slaughter. What has happened that today these Nobel creatures are stripped of their dignity and their value reduced to cents per pound?



 Today the journey along this historic trail continues through the Thundering Hooves movement. The slaughtering of our horses, mules and burros is horrific practice and must stop. Until that day arrives we will continue on our mission to bring awareness to the horrors inflicted on these innocent ones by a corrupt business fueled by greed!  For the latest exciting events in honor of the horses please click here to check out the Thundering Hooves web site...




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